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United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Work Package

United Arab Emirates(Dubai) Work offer
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Our United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Work package is    US$2000.



This package is a tourist to work visa package and it includes

*Visa Fees   *Accommodation   *Covid-19 Travel Insurance   * Work Offer    *Airport Pick up *Flight Ticket


Most jobs available in the UAE is for

* Skilled Labour Workers like Painters, Bricklayers, Mechanics, Masons, Tilers, Carpenters, etc.

* Unskilled Labour Workers like Shop Attendant, Mall Attendant, Car wash worker, Farm Helper, Construction work helper, House Keeping, Helper to a skilled labour worker, Waiter/Waitress, Restaurant worker, Abattoir worker, etc.



*Skilled Labour worker – GHS 1500 – 2500

*Unskilled Labour worker – GHS 1000 – 1500

The working contract is 2 years.



  • Passport

  • Passport picture

  • Medicals (Only if we ask you to)



When you agree to work with us the first step is to sign a retainer agreement with our company which is legally binding in court. The Visa process takes a minimum of 1 working day and a maximum of 3 working days except for Fridays and Holidays.

The first payment is US$300 for your visa fees which are refundable.

The second payment is US $1700. It is paid when the visa is ready.


NOTE: We don’t do work and pay. When we get you the job in UAE(DUBAI) your salary comes directly to you and we don’t take your passports too. You can still contact us anytime even after starting your contract.



*Hoping to hear from you soon*




At SO TRAVEL GHANA LIMITED WE C.A.R.E (Candid, Affable, Reliable, Experienced)

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