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                             Visa requirements                             
To be able to travel successfully to certain countries travelers may need to submit a visa application to apply for a visa.  Visa requirements are country-specific. 


SO Travel Ghana Limited's expert staff will guide you through the whole visa process, of the country you choose. Should you need to submit a visa application. The process can be complicated and robust but you are encouraged to seek professional guidance before and during the visa application stage. Contact us now.


Documents to support your visa application for Tour, Study Permit, and Visit visas may include but not limited to :


  • Bank statements

  • School Acceptance Letter

  • Academic documents

  • Passport

  • Invitation Letter

  • Proof of English Language proficiency (for certain countries)

  • Passport Pictures

  • Documents of inviter

  • Medical results (for certain countries)


The highly experienced staff at SO Travel Ghana Limited, LLC. is always ready to assist our clients with all travel-related issues.


Contact us to have a full set of requirements for your visa application.

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